What if you could feel confident in yourself and empowered in your work—and stay sane in the process?


Feeling more grounded and empowered by a deep and confident sense of who you are + what you have to offer.
Experiencing the joy and fulfillment of making an impact on the projects and people you care about most. 
Relief from your inner critic and feeling overrun by the demands + expectations of others.

I’ve been there and I can help.

I understand the weight of so many expectations and the challenging relational dynamics that inevitably arise whenever we put a bunch of humans together. The self-talk alone can feel overwhelming.Am I enough? What am I even doing? This is too much. What are other people thinking of me?   

I’ll help you pause and call forth your inner wisdom so you can identify what you really think, feel, and want. Together we'll bring more compassion, insight, tools, and forward movement to your situation so you can be more grounded, confident, and effective at your life’s work.

I’ll bring 25 years of experience in executive leadership and people development, a passion for equity and inclusion, along with the tools I’ve learned along the way through my own journey of learning and unlearning, dealing with power dynamics, and taming my inner critic.
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What a JOY to be led by Christine in her group coaching experience. My biggest takeaway? Every woman everywhere needs to do an experience like this. Get clear on your values, make more aligned decisions and most importantly get back in touch with who you really are and what you really want.

Group Coaching Participant

I appreciate so much how you [Christine] showed up in this space. The wisdom you shared generously - with intentionality, gentleness, and firmness. You used a lot of adult learning theory to really help things be sticky. I’m grateful for all the work you put into this, and not just the productive detailed work, but the heart work of holding space for people.

Group Coaching Participant

Christine helped me find more about who I am and how to utilize my strengths to become a better leader. She helped give me the tools I need to grow and helped me put words to emotions. She is kind, compassionate and supportive, and a lot of fun to work with! She helped get me to a path to a better me.

Mechanical Engineer

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You are worth investing in.